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Some ratbag has hacked our site and installed malicious code to sell you prescription drugs....

we think we've removed it....and I can assure you we don't sell this crap....

don't you wish you could thump these guys who do this.....?

We've put the library on a different server.

The site is now a collection of material shot by the owners over the years.

Should you need us or help finding something, we're just an email away.

Scanned Images....

Search results list both scanned and unscanned images. To request a scan of an image ..add the text entry from the search result to your lightbox, your lightbox and click the 'Other' button at the bottom of the page....we'll email you a scan as soon as we can.

Search engine hints...........                                    

If you're searching for New Zealand images

Don't enter "NZ" or "NEW ZEALAND' in your search query.Our search engine tries to find ALL the words in your query.Leave out unnecessary words and symbols ( +, & etc); search for 'cows farmer' not 'cows and farmer" or 'cows + farmer'Or, simply ask us to find what you want! Have coffee! Relax!

Larger Views, comps,layouts.....
Any thumbnail with a magnifying glass icon beneath has a larger version on line... just click the photo to view.

Photos without larger scans can be requested at any time.

Add the thumbnail to your lightbox and choose Request>Layout/Comp from the top or bottom menu.....


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20 images per disk, drum scans, 350dpi, A4, rgb & cmyk

$99.00* per disk of 20 images

Get all 3 disks for $250.00*!

*including NZ wide courier, excluding GST

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